Nuñez house expansion. CABA, Argentina (2009) ,

The Project involved the transformation of an old apartment into a contemporary urban house with a strategy based on four precise operations. The first of these inverted the uses of the two levels of the dwelling: by incorporating a bathroom and a dressing room in the former lounge it was possible to move the bedrooms to the lower floor, thus releasing the upper floor and its terrace for the house´s more public area. The second covered half of the terrace with a lightweight structure that enables the kitchen, dining room and lounge to be integrated beneath a roof that creates an extension leading to the third operation: the transformation of the old water tank into a swimming pool. Lastly, an exterior device providing shade incorporates the irregularities of the neighbor’s walls, trapping a large amount of air and making it possible for the new dwelling to have an atmosphere all of its own.

Year: 2009.
Architects: Sebastian Adamo, Marcelo Faiden.
Collaborators: Giuliana Nieva, Iván Fierro, Julien Hosansky, Marie Taillafer de Laportaliere, Carolina Molinari.
Client: Alejandra Núñez.
Location: Superí 2208. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Construction: adamo-faiden administrador de obra.
Structure: Ing. Carlos Margueirat.
Photography: Cristóbal Palma.

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