La Cándida clubhouse. La Plata, Province of Bs.As, Argentina (2009) ,

La Cándida is a private neighborhood built at the border of the highway that links Buenos Aires to the seaside resorts of the atlantic coast. The property is axially aligned with an artificial lake, in where a semicircular portion of land is found in its extreme west, defining the area of intervention.
Confronting these conditions the project proposes two simultaneous actions: the expansion of the lake and the construction of an isolated pavilion in its interior. These two actions intend to invert the inertia of each element in order to be merged in the appearance of a specific experience to this new scenario.
Beside the programs that configure the building –gym, bar and spa- the club house has an integrated vocation that aspires to dissolve the limits of its precincts, inviting each individual to multiply their relationship, there where it seemed impossible to do so.

Year: 2009
Architects: Sebastián Adamo, Marcelo Faiden.
Collaborators: Luciano Intile, Julián Mastroleo, Flavia Triulzi.
Client: Administradora La Cándida Club de Campo S.A.
Location: LaCándida Club de Campo. Ruta 2 Km46. La Plata. Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Construction: Alheat S.R.L.
Structure: Ing. Carlos Margueirat.
Sanitary Installation: Ing. Julio Blanco.
Photography: Cristóbal Palma, adamo-faiden.

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