33 Orientales 138 building. CABA, Argentina (2012) ,

33 Orientales 138 Building

The building is situated in Almagro, a neighbourhood in the city of Buenos Aires, whose consolidation started in the decade of 1950 presenting an heterogeneous outline of generic appearance. The construction is organized in two staggered blocks which simultaneously respond to both the programmatic requirements and the existing urban fabric. Inside the lower volume are placed six units which can be used either as offices or housing. At the top are built two houses whose spatial organization materializes the idea of living in an elevated house located in the centre of the city. An enclosure compound of a metallic ornamental mesh links both volumes proposing a new way of perceiving the neighbourhood’s landscape.

Year: 2012.
Architects: Sebastian Adamo, Marcelo Faiden.
Collaborators: Ainoha Mugetti, Pablo Garcete, Gonzalo Yerba.
Customer: Fideicomiso 33 Orientales 138.
Location: 33 Orientales 138. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Structure: AHF S.A. Ing. Alberto Fainstein.
Sanitary Installation: Estudio Labonia y Asociados.
Electrical Installation: Juan Pablo Basile.
Municipal Advisory: Amalia Favrin.
Construction: Adamo-Faiden administración de obra.
Photography: Cristóbal Palma.

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