Arribeños 3182 building. CABA, Argentina (2007) ,

Arribeños 3182 Building

The Arribeños building is located in Núñez, a medium density area close to the northern limit of the city of Buenos Aires. The thight condition of the site made it necessary to organize the construction in two blocks. The first one of them is separated from the ground, unifying the sidewalk with the circulation patio.
Despite its low dimension, the building offers four types of units that are symmetrically duplicated. All of them have been organized with a certain degree of ambiguity that allows them to be used as housing or offices.
Each one of the project decisions intends to take advantage of de indefinition that the program presents. The building presents itself as an ambit of multiple appropriations.

Year: 2007.
Location: Arribeños 3182. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Architects: Sebastián Adamo, Marcelo Faiden.
Collaborators: Carolina Leveroni, Luciano Intile.
Customer: Fideicomiso Arribeños 3182.
Structure: AHF S.A.Ing. Alberto Fainstein.
Municipal Advisory: Amalia Favrin.
Construction : Adamo-Faiden administración de obra.
Photography: Francisco Berreteaga.

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