O que vemos, o que nos olha. XII Bienal de San Pablo. Brasil (2019) ,
SESC 24 de Maio. Adamo-Faiden / Vão.

From SESC May 24, users and visitors have an unusual point of view over São Paulo. The transparency of its façade places the public in close proximity to the neighboring facades, contrasting its collective spaces that are intensely used with the intimacy of homes and people’s day-to-day lives. The joint proposal of Adamo-Faiden and Vão establishes a direct connection with the collection of interiors that are visible from Sesc 24 de Maio, many of which are empty, by peeking into an apartment located in the Schwery Building, across Sesc’s 11th floor. Through Sesc´s existing window, gazes are then transported to this environment, invited to become voyeurs of a non-existent quotidian. Yet the neighboring space is filled with fractals that reflect the very gazes that observe, producing a synesthetic experience which encourages the viewer to reflect upon the relationship of individuals with their peers and the space they inhabit.

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