La Vecindad Plaza Mafalda. Buenos Aires, Argentina (2019)

La Vecindad Plaza Mafalda

A wide range of green spaces divides the neighborhood of Colegiales from its dynamic neighbor Palermo. In addition to providing a good portion of air to the city, this urban fragment contains a system of equipment buildings that activate the possible links between both neighborhoods and beyond. Towards the south-east end an atypical plot is located with 40 meters of frontage bordering this great space. A privileged place from which to participate in this particular urban scene: the meeting of large pieces of equipment with the residential areas. A building o stepped profile is incorporated into the system of construction that consolidate the boundary between both of them, while containing thirteen houses that being grouped make possible their existence in the city. Without renouncing to compactness vocation, houses dilute their limits by expanding public area and incorporating into domestic life a portion of the surrounding green space. The project aims to reaffirm the idea that “density and nature” are not opposed variables, but rather inseparable elements when imagining the contemporary city.

Year: 2018
Location: Gral E. Martinez 205. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Architects: Sebastián Adamo, Marcelo Faiden.
Collaborators: Javier Gomez. Sofia Harsich. Esteban Lamm. Pedro Magnasco.
Customer: Compañía de Inversión y Desarrollo S.A.
Structure: AHFSA. Ing. Alberto Fainstein.
Electrical Installation : Ing. Daniel Gatti
Sanitary Installation: Arq. Julio Blanco
Municipal Advisory: Sesín-Dominguez.
Photography: Javier Agustín Rojas.

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