Puertos club. Puertos, Escobar, Argentina (2017-) ,

Puertos Club

The first block of the Puertos Civic Center seeks to anticipate a pedestrian city model and permanent programmatic pulse based on a new balance between density and landscape. It will be the first piece of a territorial essay of twelve hectares that seeks to present itself as an alternative model to inhabit the periphery.
Three buildings assume this task, assuming a definitive role in the activation of the urban space they delimit. The Civic Plaza, the main lake and the new buildings receive a different treatment in terms of scale, programming and relationship with the level zero.
The central space of the block is responsible for linking the three buildings, building relationships with each other and with their surroundings; drilling the plans to become public space; assuming its role as the fourth element of a ductile and expansive system,
with the capacity.

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