Puertos club. Puertos, Escobar, Argentina (2017-) ,

Located on the edge of the access road to the new city, it is Puerto’s first public use buildings. Sharing the space with other complementary uses, a series of pavilions are linked by means of an extensive gallery that surrounds them. As if it were a system of chained islands, these buildings float in a wooded forest, allowing each interior to relate to the landscape in the full extent of its perimeter. A light and industrialized materialization gives rise to the development of an elementary organizational system, based on the alteration of a limited set of variables whose purpose is to create a stimulating physical environment, capable of synthesizing social and sports activities.

Year: 2017.
Architects: Sebastián Adamo, Marcelo Faiden.
Collaborators: Tomas Guerrini, Lucas Bruno, Luciana Lembo, Iñaki Harosteguy, Gianfranco Francioni, Darío Graschinsky.
Client: Consultatio S.A.
Location: Puertos/Escobar, Escobar, Provincia de Buenos Aires.
Consultatio architects: Marcos Corti, Cristián Ramallo, Arturo Grimaldi, Ignacio Grossi, Violeta Magariños, Miguel Repetto.
Structure: Ing. Roberto Merega.
Sanitary facilities: Estudio Labonia.
Electrical facilities: Ritec S.R.L.
Thermo Mechanical facilities: Fressini Instalaciones SOC.COL.
Digital images: adamo-faiden

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