Lago houses. CABA, Argentina (2007) ,

The Lago homes are located in Floresta, a neighborhood in Buenos Aires where the residential and small industries are capable of coexisting.
The Lago family decided to build two houses —one for each son— on a parcel where a shoe factory runs, in which four members of the family work. Besides being incorporated to the project, the factory needed to continue functioning during the whole construction process. This condition, in addition to the need of parking spots, resulted in freeing up the space of the lower floor. An existing lemon tree determined the position of the exterior stairs that connects the ground with the two houses and upper terrace.
Both units are organized around a single space, which is capable of being subdivided if needed. A rhomboid steel mesh guarantees the level of required security, while formalizing an airy enclosure facing the street that rises towards the terrace, creating an immaterial copy of the neighboring house’s silhouette.
The construction relates to a very tight budget and a good will of simplification, that has the intensification of dwelling as a final goal.

Year: 2007.
Architects: Sebastián Adamo, Marcelo Faiden.
Collaborators: Carolina Leveroni, Luciano Intile, Paula Müller, Luciana Baiocco.
Customer: Matías Lago.
Location: Morón 3939,Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Construction : Cristian Galeano Constructora.
Municipal Advisory: Amalia Favrin.
Structure: Ing. Ricardo Carrió.
Electrical Installation: Juan Pablo Basile.
Photography: Francisco Berreteaga. adamo-faiden.

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