Catalina square (Competition. 1st prize). CABA, Argentina. (2011-2017) ,

The square is located in one of the limits of Catalinas Norte: an urban piece of more than six hectares located between the financial center and the passenger port of Buenos Aires. The irregular geometry of the terrain contrasts with the ortogonal tread of the tower that releases around it a surface without definite identity. The project assumes these contingencies as a starting point, proposing a system of spatial organization that finds in each one of the “accidents” of the zero level a stimulus capable of positively influencing the definitive crystallization of its organization. In this way, both the walkable pavement and the vegetal soil required by the LEED standards are disolved in a formal system that, when projected vertically, manages to particularize each of the limits of the plaza.

Year: 2011-2017
Architects: Sebastián Adamo, Marcelo Faiden.
Contest collaborators: Nicolás Frenkiel, Javier Bracamonte, Luis Hevia, Gonzalo Yerba, Noelia García Lofredo, Florencia Tortorelli, María Alejandra González, Martín Zlobec.
Project collaborators: Javier Bracamonte, Gonzalo Yerba, Andrea Carnero, Damiano Finetti, Julia Hajnal, Cynthia Szwarcberg.
Model: Simona Solorzano, Judith Käding.
Client: Consultatio Inversora S.A.
Client representative: Arturo Grimaldi, Hernán Zakin, José Chouhy.
Location: Av. Córdoba y L.N. Alem. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Consultants in botanical species: Irene Joselevich. Fernando González.
LEED Cosultants: Estudio Grinberg.
Structure: AHF S.A. Alberto Fainstein.
Sanitary facilities consultant: Estudio Labonia y Asociados.
Lighting consultant: Piedra Iluminación.
Municipal Advisor: Ing. Carlos Mallmann.
Tower architects: Arquitectónica (USA)/ BMA (estudio local/local office).
Construction management: Estudio Arturo Beccar Varela.
Managment: DPyA.

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