Conesa 4560 building. CABA, Argentina (2008) ,

The renovated plaza Mackenna, situated in the neighborhood of Saavedra, is the enclave selected for the construction of this building. The plaza is contained by the fronts of constructions that surround it, as by the dense vegetation that is only interrupted in the area facing the lot to intervene. We assume the protagonism that this local scene proposes, and decide to appropriate its atmosphere as a structural condition of the project. A central patio decompresses the separation between the front and back blocks, while organizing the access system to the units through a roofless pathaway that reaches the door of each unit, the nine housing units and the three studios configuring the program are distributed in between both blocks.
These houses intend to carry on the traditional single-family homes that have historically defined the character of the neighborhood, being grouped today in the same lot as a consequence of the density growth of the city. Each unit was designed as a small house that incorporates a generous expansion to its program, making possible the appearance of open air activities, as the ones occurring in the park next to the lot.

Year: 2008.
Architects: Sebastián Adamo, Marcelo Faiden.
Collaborators: Luciano Intile, Aldana Rizza, Gastón Duarte.
Customer: Fideicomiso Conesa 4560.
Location: Conesa 4560. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Construction: AHF S.A.Ing. Alberto Fainstein.
Construction management: adamo-faiden.
Instalaciones sanitarias: Ing. Julio Blanco.
Electrical Installation: Juan Pablo Basile.
Photography: Sergio Pirrone, adamo-faiden.

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