Fernández house. Buenos Aires, Argentina (2015) ,

Fernandez House is a refurbishment of a townhouse built in the mid 70s in one of the low density areas that can still be found in the neighborhood of Belgrano.
The update consisted in three punctual interventions. The first of them seeks to enhance the connections with the public space while protecting the privacy of the interior space. To that end, an enclosure device is superposed to the existing front that, by its shape and materiality, intends to build a contemporary way of relating to the exterior. The second intervention focuses on the basement of the house. The change of habits in terms of domestic ecology, plus the update in the installations systems allowed freeing a new space that was reused for the creation of a multi-purpose room. Finally, a light pavilion creates a habitable double-façade system that extends the back limits of the house, mediating between exterior and all the interior instances of it. The position of its openings allows the circulation of the air that crosses through all the areas that were not materially part of the intervention.
These photographs show the first stage of the project, which consisted of the construction of the multipurpose pavilion and the first dwelling model unit. The second stage of the project is scheduled to start in March 2016.

Year: 2014-2015.
Architects: Sebastián Adamo, Marcelo Faiden.
Collaborators: Jaime Butler, Gonzalo Yerba.
Location: Aguilar 2159. Belgrano, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.
Client: Romina Fernández.
Construction: Adamo-Faiden administración de obra.


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