Contemplating the Void. Interventions in the Guggenheim Museum. New York (2010) ,
Universal Air-Jockey

actually, the empty space sorrounded by the rotunda of the guggenheim museum has always been full. Filled with air. Treated air to fulfill high exigency comfort conditions in the art containers of our time. However…

what happens if we alterate these conditions and manipulate air properties?

Could we amplify the perceptual experience of the audience towards the art pieces? And if we do it in real time?

This console intends to set our approach over a field that architects have ignored so far and which –paradoxically- represents the largest percentage of the volume in our buildings. A control surface that let us go beyond the retina further into the body in order to set a specific relation between the individual and the atmosphere. An indispensable tool for the environment manipulation of the museum that will multiply the action possibilities at the rotunda.

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