Piñeiro house. Buenos Aires, Argentina (2015) ,

There is a new surface made of isolated enclosures in the air. They are roofs and service terraces, the infrastructure waste of the buildings that dominate the landscape of Buenos Aires. These spaces are privileged places. By conquering them, we managed to settle on the upper limit of the city, in contact with the atmosphere. Down, the pulse of the street and up a huge sky, the geographical feature that dominates this new stratum. There we settled lightly, needing nothing more than the desire to be part of both landscapes. Towards the interior of the pavilion, we built an environment that filters and selects those stimuli that inform it, that place it in the world. A system of sunshades and a perimeter garden surround a metal structure that holds vertical glass panels and a light cover. Its two rooms allow establishing different relationships with the climate and with the uses that its variations make possible.

Year: 2015.
Architects: Sebastián Adamo, Marcelo Faiden.
Collaborators: Damiano Finetti.
Location: Barrio de Recoleta. Ciudad, Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Client: Nicolás Piñeiro.
Construction: Adamo-Faiden administración de obra.
Photographs: adamo- faiden.

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