RE: Luis Úrculo about Adamo-Faiden. CABA, Argentina (2013) ,
Exposition at Centro Cultural Español en Buenos Aires

This work is the intention to create a conversation in three stages, in which three agents participate. The first one is the argentine architecture office directed by sebastian adamo and marcelo faiden. They have started this dialogue taking distance from their own built work to imagine how it can be received and interpreted by a second interlocutor, not as a finished work but as an open work ready to be reused, transformed. The answer to this first proposition is the work made by the spanish artist luis úrculo. After recording a number of buildings designed by adamo-faiden, luis úrculo presents a new look that would transcend the specificity of each episode. By creating pieces of different format, the second interlocutor  ends the conversation open to the public, now in charge of looking for references, building relationships, and in the best case, starting a new conversation, always more complex and richer than the one before.

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